Before Posting:When Posting:
  • Use a meaningful subject. "Help me pls!" is NOT a meaningful subject.
  • The more information you give, the better we can help. Try to write down at least the following information in your thread:
    • TeamSpeak version including build number (for example 3.0.0-rc1 [Build: 12345])
    • Operating System including Service Packs or Kernel Version/Patchset
    • Soundcard & Driver version
    • DirectX version
    • Error message (information out of your client or server logfiles can be very useful)
    • How often does the error appear?
    • What did you try to fix the problem?
After Posting:
  • Check back frequently. Use the "Subscribe to this Thread"-feature located in the "Thread Tools"-menu to get informed about new replies via email.
  • If you haven't had a reply in one week then write an answer to your own thread to bring it back to top. We probably overlooked your message.
When your problem is fixed:
  • Reply to your post that the problem is fixed and how you fixed it, so others who have the same problem can find the information.
Thank you!