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    Basti04 Guest

    No Superadmin created

    i just installed RC2 on a SuSE 9 machine. The server seems to work and I am able to login as admin on the web-interface. My problem: The superadmin login doesn't work. Although I exactly typed the password from the server.log, it always throws me out as an invalid login.
    I even re-installed (meaning I deleted all files and extracted it once more), but got the same result.
    As admin I can create a user by the name of 'superadmin'. Wouldn't it give me some kind of error if this name was already in use?

    Thanks for your help


    PS: Hi Brain, man kennt sich von FS-M

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    The web interface has a special link for superadmin logins. It's at the bottom and rather tiny

    TS knows two types of users: Normal users and superusers (like the default account superadmin).
    Normal users can have privileges up to SA (server admin) and can connect using the client and if they have the necessary privileges they can use the web interface for the server they belong to.
    Super users on the other hand cannot connect with the client. Their only use is for administrative purposes. They can change all attributes of ALL servers, including their respective user lists.

    More information on super users and what they can do is in the server manual, "webadminning your server".

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