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Thread: password for TS

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    OSU_42 Guest

    Question password for TS

    I have deleted and reloaded TS many times and it won't let me in because I obviously set a login and password, but for the life of me I can't remember what they are. Is there any way to have these emailed to me so I can continue to use teamspeak or at least a way to reset it so it won't make me use a password? URGENT! Please help.

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    doughboy Guest

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    Aug 2002
    1) do you really still use TS 1 ??? You shouldn't as this one is OUT of support !
    If not ,why do you post in this forum ?

    2) Do you talk about the TS forum (I don't expect as so you wouldn't have posted here) password or you TS server password or an TS account password ?

    Without breaking into your PC, I'm not able to send you your TS account or server password. The account data are NOT hosted one one singel server, their ind. for each TS server and there for only stored on the ind. server !
    What about asking your TS server admin or if your the admin (Admin's DO NOT lose their passwords !) do a search for "lose password", there are many threads (really have no motivation to answer the same thing again and again) !

    PS: doughboy link is ONLY for the TS FORUM password, so I guess not really helpfull for you.

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