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    Major pinng issue when running server

    when i play Americas army and im not running my TS server i have normal ping...but when i am running my server my ping goes up to 3000 i just need to shutdown my server overnights or what

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    m&m's Guest
    what do you got for a internet con ?? 56-k , dsl , cable ... if your running a t-s server i takes up some of your bandwith !!! as well as each person in it !! then soume for the game !! it take more than you think to do both !!!

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    i have should i not run my TS server any more?

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    m&m's Guest
    try a lower codec: like 7.2 and only host for a few peps it should be ok , but i would not host for 20 ...... 10 may work ??? but thats something your going to have to play with !!! multiply the 7.2 x 10 and guess what the games uses for bandwith and try not to use up all your upload on your dsl , it's the lower of your 2 bandwith speeds like 256/128 or 512/256 what ever your service provides to you ! you may find that you may not evenn get 10 ? but like i said you will have to run tests to see

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    when running several applications in parallel which req. www bandwith, your ping for each application is usually increasing as your bandwith load increases (you can not use, lets say 80% or 90% of your bandwith and still have a very good ping on each application).

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