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    Keybind to switch sound devices?

    Hi, I've had a look and I can't seem to find this question anywhere, but sorry if I have missed it somewhere else.

    I have my system set up with a USB headset, so that I can keep my game FX separate from voice comms and I've found that this works really well.

    I was wondering though if it is possible to set up a key bind that switches the output sound device. The reason being is that if I'm playing a game on my own, I don't tend to wear the headset, but I'd like to be able to hear when friends connect to the server, so it would be handy to have a key I can hit that toggles TS between the 2 output devices, so I can just pick up the headset and hit the key and start speaking to them, rather than having to switch out of the game, change the settings etc. or use another inferior comms utility

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!


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    there is to my knowlage no way to do that at this time .

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