I have, well i think i have, a good idea to add on to teamspeak.

Could you make it so when channels are created with a password, different subchannels can have different passwords to the channel.

Cos ive seen a load of teamspeak servers, that want different passwords for different admins channels, but they cant have it in like a subchannel called Admin.

Most Servers:

Main Channel (RD)
Admin Bob (RP)
Admin Jack (RP)
Admin Leader Jim (RP)
Admin Co-Leader Joe (RP)
Then all the other channels eg: games, afk status, clan, clan, .........

But it would make it a lot neater and better if all the admins could be under a subchannel called admin.
Other wise the server looks a mess!! and people cant be bothered to find the channel with so many admin channels!