There are just too many posts about people with microphone problems. Most of the time it's something simple, but sometimes.. it may not be.

Before we begin, I assume that your sound is working (you hear stuff) and that the microphone is plugged into the correct port.

Make your microphone the default recroding device
  • Do you have the Volume icon on your taskbar? If not
    • Go to Control Panel
    • Go to Sounds and Multimedia
    • Check off "show volume control on the taskbar"
  • Check everything on the screen. Especially: "Sound Recording"
  • Double click on the volume control that's in the taskbar down there.
  • At this point, microphone should be muted. go ahead and crank up the volume while you at it as well. This can always be tweaked down to a proper level. In the meantime, we need some NOISE.
  • Go to options
  • select properties
  • select recording
  • below, you will see a list of devices. Make sure you have microphone selected. When in doubt, select everything you see
  • Click on OK
  • You are now at the recording properties.. In other words.. What source you want the computer to use to record stuff.
  • Make sure you have microphone selected.
    • Another thing you may want to try at this point is to have the mic boosted.. Like I said before, we want some NOISE.. We can always go back and tweak the sound levels.
    • Options --> make sure there is a check next to "advanced properties"
    • You should now see an advanced button under microphone. click on it and check off Mic boost.

you have succesfully have the mic selected as the default recording source and your levels are cranked up.

Now before you jump to conclusions that the Teamspeak Client does not work, lets test your mic out.

Open up a sound recording program. Any will do and test your microphone out.
I believe windows default sound recorder is located in:

Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> sound recorder

You see that button with a red dot? That's the record button. Hit it and start singing your favorite song. You should start seeing some sound wavs start jumpin around.

IF NOTHING IS RECORDING: review everything and do not skip lines. Make sure mic is in right location.. volume is up.. Is your mic broke? if you have an old set of walkman headphones, try using those as a mic. Yes, you can use headphones as a microphone, you are just reversing how the headphones process sound. I would NOT use powered speakers though. I'm not responsible if you blow your mic jack.

If it does work, your microphone works and everything is set right. Jump on Teamspeak and try it out.

You may have to go back to the volume control and bring down the mic levels.. You may even have to turn off the mic boost feature.

If you are still having problems with Teamspeak and you are able to record your voice with a sound recorder, we know now it's teamspeak related and you are now allowed to post in the teamspeak forums.

Just please... Post in your message that you are able to use your microphone in other applications and you have checked the recording properties, instead of just saying.. My mic works man!

maybe this should be a sticky