Hello all.

Let's see if I can type up a unique situation/question that has not been asked yet. Info first.

DSL Modem/Router: Speedstream 5200

* Teamspeak 2 Win32 Client (RC2) version:
* Teamspeak 2 Linux Server (RC2) version:
* XP + SP2
* Onboard NVIDIA® SoundStorm™ + Driver version 6.14.442.30
* Game, None
* DirectX Version 9.0c

The problem:

I am not able to connect to one particular teamspeak server (the linux one listed above) if my router is in NAPT mode. It is in this mode so that both computers on my network can get online at the same time. I have been able to connect to all 3 test servers with no configuration change at all. However. connecting to this server gave the following error:

04-03-05 03:10:00,3496,ERROR,ProcedureInfo,Client Open,Exception: Timeout on recv LoginStep2 wait

I turned off my firewall and forwarded UDP 8767 to my internal static IP within the router. Same error. I finally just switched the router to NAT mode, pointing to my internal IP and it worked. This, however, cuts off the other PC on my network offline completely. So I enabled my firewall and it again, didn't allow it to connect. I set my firewall to allow all ports and to log them, cleared the log and tried to connect. It worked that time. It was blocking my computer from using UDP 53 (DNS) on the router, but this only happened when I connected to that particular server. I opened it up and it worked for that server with the firewall in NAT mode. Strangely I could connect to the test servers fine without opening this port. So I finally have it working with the firewall. I am still unable to access this particular server without keeping my DSL router in NAT mode.

* How often does the error appear? Every time unless it's in NAT mode.
* What did you do to resolve the problem? See above.
* and last but not least: Are you a hot looking girl? No. Sorry.

This of course could very well be some odd configuration server side that neither I nor the person who set it up is aware of but everything was left as default. Thanks in advance. I hope this post wasn't too wordy.