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    TeamSpeak Push-To-Mute (TS2ptm)

    I posted this about a year ago when there wasn't a third party forum yet, so I figured I'd repost here so that interested parties would know about it:

    What is TS2ptm?

    TS2ptm intefaces with the TeamSpeak client version 2 and mutes it when a particular key is pressed.

    This is useful in games that have their own voice over IP built in and use a push-to-talk key.
    For example in Unreal Tournament 2004 the player can press "F" to talk to his teammates. While the audio quality of the built in chat in UT2004 is nowhere near that of TeamSpeak, it has the advantage of being aware of the game context. For example the player may only want other players "within voice range" to hear him, or maybe just talk to his team to talk strategy. Also not everyone may have the TS client installed whereas everyone that is playing has the game installed.

    The drawback of using both the game and TS is twofold:
    * other players on your team that are also using TS will hear you twice (once from the game channel, once from TeamSpeak).
    * If you don't use team specific channels on TS so that you can "talk smack" to the other team, the teamspeak client will pick up that "ultra secret strategy" that was really meant for your team only (assuming you use voice activity detection, if you use push to talk on teamspeak too you don't need this application).

    Enters TS2ptm: when this application is active, it will monitor the player's keyboard while in-game and mute the teamspeak client whenever it detects that the game's push-to-talk key is down, and unmute it as soon as the key is released.
    The program is designed to use as little processor power as possible so that it doesn't impact the FPS in the game.

    The application has been tested with multiple games, including UT2004 and Counter-Strike.
    TS2ptm is a Win32 application only

    Primary download location: The TS2ptm web site:
    An alternate download location is I'm not affiliated with those guys but have given them the authorization to redistribute the files.

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    Where is the advantage of TS2ptm compared with the 'Mute Speakers/Headphone' feature of the Teamspeak 2 client? I use keybindings to mute my client. Why should i use a 3rd party application to mute my speakers or microphone if my Teamspeak 2 client has a built-in feature to do this?

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    if you are using two diferant chat app's ts and a built in to the game chat simply use 2 diferant ptt keys so the mic only transmits to the app you hit the key for , why worry about muting anything

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    To M&M: because I don't use Push to talk in TeamSpeak, I use voice activation (always on)

    To ScP: You can't do "on key pressed" and "on key released" bindings, so I'd have to bind a key to mute, then another one to unmute. Too much typing while I'm fragging and too much to remember.

    To each his own. I made this app for me, and decided to share it, but if you don't see a use for it, by all means don't use it!

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    nicht hier
    Nice thx...
    That was what i needed for BF2
    It works fine...

    Last edited by Filters; 15-06-2005 at 17:19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papaschtroumpf
    To M&M: because I don't use Push to talk in TeamSpeak, I use voice activation (always on)
    I see ! you never stated you used VA lol
    but I got a 125 watt 7.1 surround sys I don't use VA because , nads and close gun fights / loud guns activates my mic and transmits in game sounds annoying to others, even with the slider mostly to shout GREAT SPEAKERS lol
    but I see how that could be useful to some . good luck with your app !!!

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    Hi papaschtroumpf,

    Actually, you can use a single keybind to toggle the mute state. Hit once for mute, hit a second time to unmute.

    However, your application has its advantages as well. Hold for mute, release for unmute may work better for different people in different situations.


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    Great app, just what I was looking for! Thank you!

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    The server I use setup an empty channel just for this purpose. You bind a key to whisper to this channel and it functions as a hold to mute button. This is used for people that cough a lot and use VOX or use another voice program you use the same bind key as the whisper.

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