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    Exclamation NEED HELP!!! I cant login to super admin on my server

    Everytime i try to login with my super admin it says login failed. So I cant edit it or anything. I have installed and set up the win 32 server on a computer that is at my uncles house which is always on. I can access the server from my own house but it will not allow me to login to the superadmin or admin account. How would i go about in logging in to the administration account on that teamspeak server without running them from my own computer? I have tried logging in through right clicking on the server icon and clicking administration but I can only access the admin account when im using my uncles computer and im not over at his house often or close enough to go there. Is there some way to login and edit the server still without having to be there at the computer the server is running on and access the super admin and admin through my computer? Please let me know if anyone has ideas or answers regarding my problem. Thanks.


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    m&m's Guest
    is the webadmin port fowarded in his router ? if he has 1 ?
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    when you try to login on the web page are u actually in the superadmin login page? same thing happened to me and then I noticed there was a link under the login that said "superadmin login/account" or something like that. I clicked the link and entered the superadmin account information and I got in fine. you might want to double check that.

    good luck.


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