Some of our clan members have been having high ping spikes. They have been trying to get things sorted, thinking that it was there end.

Well we think we have found the common denominator... TS!! when connected to TS we are experiencing spikes in our ping. Jumping for the normal in game ping of 30-50 to 300-600 one guy was experiencing a ping spike of 1023!!! if you dropped out of TS the problem goes away, if you rejoin then the problem re-appears.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem, and more to the point has anyone got a fix for it??

Info =
Battlefield 2 Hosted on a dedi box with good bandwidth
TS server hosted by our server provider 4u-servers co uk
Codec GSM 16.4 Kbit
Never more than 10 members on line

Regards Steve Morrish...
AKA Pendragon