Ok... I completely understand which ports to open for default TS use, and i'm using custom ports anyways so it dont really matter from that aspect.

The problem that I'm running into is one of my hosted servers has a small request that I would assume to be pretty simple, however, it seems to be quite difficult without working around it from the firewall/routing point of view. I dont want to do that, as that would require a bit more processing power than a direct port connection.

The basic question is, is there any way to define multiple ports to bind to.

This is primarily a problem where a bunch of people happen to be on a university connection that blocks things religiously - and ventrilo happens to be the only port open. Rather than move the server entirely to a different port and have to go through the hassle of fixing many user's problems because their home routers dont want to use a new port.... it'd just be easier to add a second port.

Any suggestions?

I mean, its exactly the same as having apache point to both 80 and 8080, 8080 being for those who have office firewalls that like to block normal web viewing