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    Settings issues - I have already checked the FAQ

    I am having some problems with my mic and TS settings.

    I can hear myself on my mic all the time, even with ts not running. I read the FAQ and I tried muting my mic but then it seems it doesnt trasmit either. I could be doing it wrong though. I didnt think so, but if its not working I must be.

    Also even with all my volumes maxed and my boost on people can barely hear me. I have already done the whole volume control>advanced blah blah and so I do have my boost enabled. I am not sure what else I can do.

    I also have a Realtek HD Audio Manager, I am not exactly sure if I need it.
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    I have already followed this FAQ here:

    edit: I have figured out hearing myself, but people can still barely hear me

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    See if your mic is plugged in the correct jack

    Any problems with local test and using the windows sound recorder?

    ... try your mic in something else that you can use and see if the mic is physically ok. There's also some thread about a windows update that can possibly cause sound problems, not sure how legit that is or not.

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    issue a little similar

    I noticed bubba that you have a Realtek HD as do I. My problem is that I can hear others while online gaming but for some reason I cannot transmit. My mic is fine - I have tested it using Sound Recorder.
    I am running TS Ver2.0.32.60 My gaming buddies have been trying to help me via my game server forums but no luck yet.
    I have tried Push button activation - no good
    I have adjusted settings from whisper to shout. Boosted my mic. Had my buddies send me screenshots of their settings for TS. Un-installed and re-installed.
    I've activated Local Test Mode - no green light either ?

    Any thoughts??

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