Ive searched and couldnt find anything with people logging in with no name.

Over the past couple of weeks ive had problems with people logging into my server with no name. I didnt really care much at first because the person would just join and leave and wouldnt show up for a couple of days. But today he was just sitting there sending me private messages. I banned him and told him to get a name. I waited about 5 minutes and unbanned him. He came back again 10 minutes later. So i banned him and left it there for awhile and went to the teamspeak website and downloaded the ts2perlmod. I set it up so that if you had even a space in your name you wouldnt be allowed to join, and that it would just kick you. I tested it out and it was working. So i unbanned the ip and the guy came right back in. So i put a permanent ban on him, but he proxied around and came back with a different ip. This happened about 2 more times with me banning him and him coming back with a different ip. I then just did a ip range ban XXX.XXX.*.*. I have the latest service binary for windows ts server.

Is there anyway to stop them from doing this. Ive tried logging in with just a space in my name and the teamspeak client doesnt even allow it, so its obvious that hes using an alternative client, but my log says hes just using