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    How to let registered users change their own password

    Is it possible to let registered users log into the web interface and change their own password?

    I think I had this once running, but with my newest install I don't seem to be able to.

    Atm registered users can login on the website, but when they try to change their pwd they get a message that they dont have enough permissions.

    For the group registered I have set:


    to true.

    If I change AdminChangeUserPassword to true. A registered user can change his pwd but also that of other users.

    Any suggestions?

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    There's no real function for this is TeamSpeak 2.

    Your best options are to remove someone's registration and let them re-register, or have an admin (or someone else with the privelege you listed) change their password for them.

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    I chose for the last.

    What is the use of the AdminChangeOwnPassword permission anyway?

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    Bastian Guest
    There is no use for that.

    Some of the permissions you see there have absolutely no effect, mainly because TeamSpeak 2 development has stopped and those features have never been integrated. Remember that TeamSpeak 2 is labeled as "Release Candidate 2" (RC2).

    We don't want to get into the same situation with TeamSpeak 3. So let me quote the developer blog:
    Please understand we will not move into an open testing situation (i.e. - Open BETA) until we are confident that our product is 100% ready for the public.

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