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    Streaming Music in TeamSpeak

    Don't tell me it can't be done because i did it

    If you want proof that this works join here and look for me Distrbd21

    What you will need.
    Virtual Cable i will not supply the program or the link to it you will have to google it, you must go buy a copy.
    Extra windows user trust me if you don't want your settings screwed up.
    it would be best that your music bot would have SA so people don't have to voice him.

    once you have Virtual Cable open your control pannel, check volume control than click set right under it.
    the best media player that i've found that works with this is Winamp.
    Once you have Winamp, Virtual Cable, and your extra windows account ready, go into it and goto start/control panel/sound,speech,and audio devices/sounds and audio devices, than once you have that open goto audio tab than sound playback, default device change it to Virtual Cbale 1, than click apply, than go to voice tab, Voice playback, default device change it to Virtual Cable 1 click apply, than open Winamp than teamspeak and start to play the music your bot should start playing it, your winamp will auto change to the settings.

    Now to adjust the sound so it don't sound bad, in your teamspeak client open sound input output settings, set your output volume to min, and make sure you have voice activation on and low ok close that, than open options, Device's change your input and output to Virtual Cable 1 click apply, and than open your volume control panel, goto options, properties,mixer device: change it to Virtual Cable 1, click ok now you should mute,SW Synth and CD Player, than adjust your wave and master volume to what you want.

    Now you will have to tell your members that they might have to adjust there output volume in TS because some songs are louder than others.

    As far as i know this does not break any rules of teamspeak or anything else.

    Coming soon Video.

    If you still need help you can contact me via
    Yahoo messanger: Distrbd21
    My site
    the TS server I'm always on:, Distrbd21
    my email: [email protected]

    Sorry if this is not the right Forum.

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    I asum you have never heard of shoutcast, more efficent and puposly designed for broadcasting music.
    Teamspeak isnt realy designed for music, so dont try and make it.

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    I agree, shoutcast is a much better solution

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    I forgot to mention the other day.
    DONT go and plaster your IP and email address all over the place, spammers and email bots love people that do that.

    Pitty its already in the Google index along with your IP.

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