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    auto start@reboot debian

    Hi, i tried do autorestart like many ppl posted on this forums but:
    i got always:
    -bash: ./ts: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
    and it never autostarts after reboot

    maybe the easier way?
    can i make a crontab job like:
    plz help

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    My guess is, that the file is in windows format with \r\n at the end.
    open ts script with vi:
    vi ts

    then in vi type:
    :set fileformat=unix
    (with : !!)

    then close vi with:
    (with : !!)

    then start the script:

    should work now.

    Ciao Ephraim

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    VI or VIM yes...(post above agreed)

    u can use PSPad and WinSCP
    yes the post above tells u where is mistake its in Operating System line ending
    Windows have \r\n
    Linux have \n
    but when linux parse any file he take it as char anyway and there is no such file as /bin/sh^M (that ^M stands for that special char.)

    of course for PsPad u have to also change the line ending to Unix
    but its GUI app.
    and one advice for live important of any remote controled machine
    //better for all files
    !! dont use F4 in WinSCP or any windows notepad it will put there windows line ends !! (this rly got me several times already)

    another way can be if u have or installed mc on that machine run it and edit the file in it. U will have to remove that ^M from each line but it will fix it.

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