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Thread: No input sounds

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    No input sounds

    Just bought a new system with a Vista 64bit OS on it.

    I have a integrated Realtek sound chip.

    I get fantastic sound, whether it's playing games, listening to music or playing movies.
    It's just Teamspeak that won't work.

    The problem?

    I have TS installed, when testing I can hear myself, I can join servers, see the green flashy light up when using PTT. Others can hear me as well, I just can't hear them.

    I do not get any input sounds.
    in the sound menu of Windows, everthing is enabled, input is set to my USB headset speaker, and the mic to the same USB headset.
    in TS options input is set to the headset, same with the mic.

    Anyone got any tips?

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    There are no output sounds.

    output is pc to speakers
    input mic to pc.

    Check ts>settings>sound input ...>Output volume.

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