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    Post TeamSpeak 3 Open Beta Announced!

    We are pleased to announce OPEN BETA TESTING of the TeamSpeak 3 client and server will commence:

    • SATURDAY DEC 19th, 2009
    • 13:37 CET (Central European Time)
    • 07:37 EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    Both the TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server will be available for download and testing on the following platforms:

    • Windows (32bit and 64bit)
    • Mac OS X (Intel and PPC)
    • Linux (32bit and 64bit)

    We have received numerous queries regarding whether TeamSpeak 3 will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and in short, both client and server WILL be compatible with these operating systems.

    On this date, we expect to approve at least several large Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHPs) so users will also have the ability to rent a professionally hosted TeamSpeak 3 server. In addition, we will be offering a limited number of slots/connections available on our TeamSpeak 3 public test servers. However, if you are technically savvy enough to host your own server you will of course also have the opportunity to do so.

    Existing TeamSpeak 2 ATHPs will be contacted in the coming weeks with further details on how to become a TeamSpeak 3 ATHP. Established hosting companies who are not currently offering TeamSpeak hosting will also have the opportunity to apply to become a TeamSpeak 3 ATHP ahead of time as well. We will also be coordinating from among our top, established TeamSpeak 2 ATHPs in good standing, the release of the TeamSpeak 3 server PRIOR to the open beta date above to allow time for testing, writing provisioning scripts, planning migrations, etc.

    As usual, stay tuned to our site for updates and details!


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    well, now we know!

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    w00t indeed.

    Was lange währt, wird endlich gut

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    Sauber!! lustig find ich die Zeit 1337 ...

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    I thought it will be released on 21/12/2012.
    this is a great new,no more whine now!

    Can't wait.

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    Thumbs up

    Great news!

    Regarding to the NPO, at the moment my TS server is open for the Portuguese users and others. I have more than the 32 users daily, will I be able to have the 512 slots license for the open beta and if yes, what can I do to have the license at the open beta launch day?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    PS- Sorry for my English...

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