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Thread: TS3 + Joomla

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    TS3 + Joomla

    Will TS3 be able to sync with an existing Joomla DB i.e. have its user DB linked into joomlas authentication process???

    Or is there some way of doing this???

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    Mh usually possible but with the new Authentication System of TS3 hard to realize... In TS3 you don't have a username and a password anymore... so you would have to add an extra field called TS public ID into your Joomla! registration. I doubt that it would make any sense...

    And Joomla! must have access to the TS3 DB and that would make TS3 unnecessarily vulnerable... (if a Hacker gets access to your Joomla! then he is just a step away of messing with your TS3)

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    Hi, is there already an update for this topic?

    I am looking for a plugin to sync the Joomla user database with Teamspeak 3. Does that already exist? Currently we are using the teamspeak 2 plugin and are very satisfied with it. We want to use teamspeak 3, but with 30 users a plugin would be very useful...

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    Actually since last week I m also trying to find out this as I m developing sites in Joomla. so even didn't get another way.

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