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    [NOW AVAILABLE] Wordpress TS3 Viewer Widget / Plugin

    Hey Guys
    Yesterday I released the first Wordpress Plugin for Teamspeak 3 Server.

    The Plugin allows to add a TS3 Viewer to the Sidebar AND to show your Users and Channels on a Article or Post ( Beta, not much functions added yet ) on your Wordpress-based Blog.


    1. Unzip teamspeak3-viewer-widget and upload the contained files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    Add the sidebar widget
    1. Install the Teamspeak 3 Widget widget through the 'Design -> Widgets' menu in WordPress

    Add `ts3_wp_viewer` to a post or a page
    1. Type [ts3_wp_viewer] into a post's or a page's body text.

    (Optional, for advanced users) Add `ts3_wp_viewer` to a template
    1. Enter <?php echo do_shortcode('[ts3_wp_viewer]'); ?> into a suitable template file.

    How would I modify ts3_wp_viewer's options when it is used as a short tag or inside a template?
    To modify this plugin's option, you will have to add a widget at least once. Once the options are set, they are used for all instances of this plugin and you can safely remove the widget.

    The current Version can be found in the Wordpress Extend Repository

    DEMO ( and future website ):
    No demo atm

    The Plugin uses the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework by Sven aka ScP. Donated money will also arrive him!


    Ask here or via mail to [email protected]

    Follow me on Twitter
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