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    Microphone Disabled

    Hi I was on TS yesterday everything was fine
    I connected again today & I realized that my mic was disabled I checked the setting the mic worked fine so can anyone help me to fix that please

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    Microphone Disabled

    hi all, i run teamspeak3 on win7 64bit and until today eveything was fine, when i connected to the server and my mic was disabled by default. i cannot reactivate it, i tryed everything: changing mic port, reinstall ts3, restoring windows, reinstalling my sound card drivers (it's a steelseries, included in siberia headset v2), and yes, i already checked my input device in ts3, it's ok. and voice test works fine, but i can't speak anyway. on ts2 works fine, i never had problems.

    i tryed searching on the forums and other pepole have this issue... nobody has a solution? maybe a fix from the developers? help please!

    thank you, and i'm sorry if my english isn't very good, i'm italian.

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    Is the channel moderated (M next to channel name)?
    If this is the case request talk power Self > Request Talk Power.

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    make sure you have a 'capture' profile selected. This can be found before connecting

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    You smarty pants!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTKA View Post
    make sure you have a 'capture' profile selected. This can be found before connecting
    Yes!! Thank you! Just re run Settings > Setup Wizard

    Hope this helps many others!

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