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Thread: No Sound Output

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    Solved No Sound Output


    i got a real problem.
    since today there is no sound output in my teamspeak 3. i tried to reinstall the programm, but then there was the same config like before and also the same problem. what shall i do ?

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    Try to change the playback mode or device under settings > Options > Playback and check the playback profile in your bookmark.

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    Check your speaker settings

    As far as I can tell the latest Teamspeak 3 client now uses the center speaker for all of its sounds. Which means that if you have 5.1 surround sound configured as your speaker settings, and have headphones plugged in then you won't be able to hear anything.

    The headphones will be listening to the left/right channel, and teamspeak will be using the center/sub channel.

    If you set your speaker settings to stereo it may well resolve your problem.

    I can't find an option within TS3 to specify which speakers are used for play-back.

    I'm running Windows 7 so it's also possible that this is some weird interaction between Win7 and TS3; whereby Win7 is being overly helpful and pushing sounds through the center channel if they have the same volume in the left and right speakers.

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    I am also experiencing the same proplem since the latest upgrade which i installed thursday. I am running windows 7 with 5.1 surround. I can get playback through my speakers but no longer through my headset. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Would running a spliter jack off the center channel work?

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    yep, same problem here since 3.0 final

    please fix asap!

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    Same for me almost

    I have same problem almost I have 5.1 Speakers and 7.1 headset so I have to set it to Stereo just to hear T/S with out my headset

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    I have found solution!!
    go to Settings -> Options -> Playback -> now change "Mono to stereo" to "Mono to center speaker" or "Mono to surround".

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    Enable only one sound device

    Guys try this.
    I did face the same problem with you all and after try to search how to fix in the internet for a while.

    What I did tried and works is Enable only the sound device you did use and Disable the rest.
    Hope this will help.

    Ps I knew that this issued has been raised for a long time but I just got this problem yesterday.


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    Yeah, exactly what the-loser-2 said. I went to my Sound devices and figured I had two working, i disable the one i wasnt using, and teamspeak sound worked very well with my headset.

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