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    Bad company 2 skin

    could someone make a bc2 skin for ts 3.the one on here doesnt work.thank you...

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    It works fine. When you unzip the files you will have a folder called "Bad Company 2", a folder called "Bad Company 2 icons", and a file called "Bad Company 2.qss". Just put "Bad Company 2" folder and "Bad Company 2.qss" in C:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3 client\styles and place the "Bad Company 2 icons" folder in C:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3 Client\gfx.

    Then start TS3, go to Settings > options (alt-p) > Design and for Style choose WindowsXP, for Theme choose Bad Company 2, and for Icon Pack choose Bad Company 2 icons.

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    thank you,ill give it a try,yup worked perfectly,thanks again

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