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    Server Groups/Channel Groups overwriting other groups

    sorry for bad title. i was wondering, everytime i grant a user a group it will OVERWRITE the guest group lets say i give the "GUEST" group

    Move around channels Power
    Poke Power
    Send message to user

    than i create new group called "Admin"

    and i give


    That means when i give a guest the "Admin" group the guest is actually gonna have LESS rights because he will no longer be in the guest group and therfore wont have poke, message and move power. So is their a way will it wont overwrite? Or are they only allowed in 1 group at a time. Is their any way to make it so guests still have GUEST group rights while they are in the "Admin" group? I think the only way to do this is to create another guest group so than u can give that user "Guest" and "Admin" at the same time.

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    No, users can be in several servergroups.
    The "Guest" group is for those users, that are not in any servergroup.
    If you set a servergroup for a "guest" he is no longer a member of guestgroup.
    What you can do is, add a guest to Operator or ChannelAdmin Channelgroup or create a new Channelgroup and assign it.

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    on a standard installation the guest group is NOT permanent. So if you assign another server group, that member will leave the guest group. You could try to make the guest group permanent, but don`t know what impact this would have on the automatic assignment for new users ...

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    ya slick just gonna have to create a GUEST group or make members a guest group! and make it set as the DEFUALT guest group under server settings...

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    Mark the GUEST group as permanent. By default users will still be assigned that group when they join. Problem with this is that means users may end up with GUEST + another group.

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