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    Setting up Microphone headset on TS3


    I am currently on a Hp dv6 laptop, with vista 32bit, and trying to use a new PS3 headset/mic on TS3. I have had a quick look through the forums and help files you have put up, and havent quiet got the hang of it. If you could put up a General way to use the Mic/head set with TS3 that would help greatly

    i have:
    - gone into settings
    - options - capture - capture device
    changed it to external mic
    tested it, i have ctl as my voice activater
    and nothing happends, i changed Capt mode to direct sound
    and it still isnt working.

    thanks for reading the thread if you have any ideas to help me please post.
    sinerely Alcorn

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    Is this a USB headset or an analog headset?

    Does this headset work in windows or some other programs? What is the capture device set to in Windows? If it works in windows, set TS3 to use the same capture device.

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