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    After Remote Desktop no sound/mic

    After I close remote desktop go back on my computer to use teamspeak the sound nor microphone works, I have to reset it with selecting one that doesn't work at all. Than put it back to the one that does to get my sound plus microphone to work. I'm not sure if anyone else has a issue like this but I ensure you this happens.

    O/S - Windows 7 Professional. x64
    Sound card - Realtek HD audio.
    Headset - Plantronics usb controlled.

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    Is this because your capture/playback profile is de-selected? You can right click on the top server tab and select the capture/playback profile you need to use.

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    Other option is that if you don't need the audio from your remote computer while using from elsewhere is to adjust the Remote Audio setting on local resources tab. Set it to "leave audio at remote computer" or "Play on remote computer". This will prevent the change in the audio devices on the remote computer.

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