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    Which client version to install?

    Hi. I'm a little confused between the difference between the two client versions offered on the download page for version 2 of Teamspeak.

    The two showing are and (updated binary).

    The reason I ask is that I already have installed on the system but a couple of programs are telling me that I do not have it as up to date as I should, so I tried to un-install and re-install That did not update the program that tells me if I am up to date with the latest (non-beta) versions. I then tried to install the updated binary but rec'd the msg. "error loading Hawlvoice library (hvdl.dll) Maybe not installed?".

    I am simply wondering if I can install on a Windows system and if so why are their two versions available to install?

    Thank you much,

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    Better questions same thread?

    How about this then. Can I as a windows xp home user install the binary update so Secunia will stop telling me that the teamspeak program is not as updated as it should be?

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