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Thread: Ghost user

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    Ghost user


    I`ve just installed a teamspeak 2 server and we allow users to join unreged that use my chat site however they also use unreged channels my problem is though when noone is in the channel it closes and cannot be reopened till a channel admin or server admin join the server.

    Im looking for a plugin of such that will allow for me to create a user/bot that will beable to join the channel and keep it open so unreged users can join the channel/s preferably a php script or if any one knows how to code such a thing in tcl so i can use it on my teamspeak eggdrop the tcl option would be the better of the two

    Many thanks

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    Post ghost

    If I have understood you correctly, you need to make the room a registered room, and in the servers user rights allow unregistered users to enter those rooms. If you have rooms that you do not want guests to enter then use a password for that room. Hope this helps.

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