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    It seems you have a problem with other people's opinions.

    I find the system as it is complicated, is that a crime? Is it a crime to just say I'd like TeamSpeak to consider setting up a system that allows for an easier set up without having to dig through all sorts of tutorials trying to explain stuff but don't have the info I'm searching for? I don't think so, so the next time you try to compare me with some guy who doesn't know anything get your facts straight first. No, instead you should be giving helpful replies, that's what I came here for.

    Your reply totally misses the point of mine (and other people's) posts. Let me give you some examples.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomas
    What is so hard on setting a password on entire server? if you want it as you said "PRIVATE". <sarcasm>
    You obviously didn't read my comments too well. I said I saw threads of guys with voice servers with 300+ channels in them asking how to secure a whole chain of channels in one go. They were told to password protect all those channels by hand. For your information, these guys run community servers open to members AND the public, so your comment makes no sense at all. And for your information, I DO know how to password an entire TeamSpeak server, but as I said in my post (and those other guys as well in theirs) that's not the intention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomas
    Default (0subchannels)
    clanA (x subchannels, inheritate permissions given in this channel)
    clanB (z subchannels, inheritate permissions given in this channel)
    communityC (y subchannels, inheritate permissions given in this channel)
    clanD (v subchannels, inheritate permissions given in this channel)
    It seems you don't know subchannels created with TS3 don't inherit permissions. Unless you are referring to setting all permissions by hand as inherit. So yeah, I again don't find your remarks too helpful here.

    I may have had a sharp tone in my first post because I had been trying for hours AFTER searching for helpful info I couldn't find, but you also may have noticed I did try myself nevertheless. So, take an example of poisonpanik who actually is trying to be helpful, instead of being the longer visiting fanboy who feels the need to make comments that a) don't make any sense because things he refers to obviously haven't been read correctly and b) show he's just telling stuff that TS3 doesn't even support.

    Now beat that. I didn't come here for fanboy remarks, I came here for help. And if you don't have anything helpful to add to this thread then steer clear of it and go comment on other threads.

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    lol, sarcasm is there why my dear?(perhaps because it is like joke?)

    and since like ts3server beta18 inherit of channel groups was definitely there. Idk what are you talking about.
    hopefully this thread might shed some light on what I was telling ....

    btw beta means unfinished development, and anything can change withing the program.
    Last edited by Tomas; 27-12-2010 at 17:37. Reason: too straight and honest > removed > those people never appreciate it anyway

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    Oh, I love sarcasm. I'm sarcastic myself too

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    It's working now, thanks to poisonpanik.

    In fact it was the SKIP flag that needed to be switched on. Something so simple you can easily overlook it.

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