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    Volume Control Plugin

    I'm using TS3, latest version; runinng Win 7 Home 64bit; USB headset (Sigma Tactic 3D).

    I am completely unable to disable the Default Volume Control Plugin, I've tried disabling it via the checkbox, tweaking the settings between 0-100% to minimize the effect, hell - I even tried a reinstall but it's proved completely unresponsive.

    Am I missing something simple here, or is there an underlying issue?



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    What do you mean ?
    If you uncheck this plugin, the volume, of the other applications, down again when someone talks on the teamspeak server ?
    Do you try to run the Teamspeak client as "Admin" ?
    When you write "latest version", do you mean the beta36 or RC1-pre11 ?

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    I think it comes from Windows directly, when the plugin is disabled. Please check your playback device settings in windows. Ther should be a commounication tab. Select "do nothing" and it should work much better.

    Or do you have an nforce audio card?
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