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    YaTQA - Query Admin Tool


    Here it is, my own admin tool called YaTQA. Although it stands for Yet another TeamSpeak³ Query App, I hope it's not just another, but a very good one. It supports every active feature of the query interface.


    Official download site: DOWNLOAD from (around 1.1 MiB)
    Mirror: DOWNLOAD most recent version 2.0-pre2 from my cubby (around 1.1 MiB)
    The tool is free for personal use. Only for commercial use, a registration is required by donating any amount of money or by sending me an e-mail explaining why you don't want to donate. I am serious about this free registration thing, it's not a joke.
    Paid registration usually makes me implement suggestions a little faster. I will also make command line tools and – if possible – bots for paid users. Paid registration includes lifetime updates. Currently, there are no plans to limit updates for free registrations either.

    The downloaded file will ask you which language you like (currently German or English). You can also enable the portable mode and select desktop and start menu shortcuts. It does not modify your system in any way, it just unpacks what you like and creates shortcuts if you want. You can also unpack that file with 7-Zip and stuff. If not in portable mode, YaTQA creates a folder in your AppData directory.

    You can find a German description and the complete English changelog of the tool on my website. The site also lists features that are planned or implemented in unreleased future versions (marked as TBA on the site).

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


    See the addons website for more screenshots.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	__yatqa7.png 
Views:	42874 
Size:	105.8 KB 
ID:	5463Click image for larger version. 

Name:	__yatqa9abcde.png 
Views:	40913 
Size:	83.2 KB 
ID:	5462
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	__yatqa2.png 
Views:	40655 
Size:	68.0 KB 
ID:	5464Click image for larger version. 

Name:	__yatqa5.png 
Views:	40458 
Size:	87.1 KB 
ID:	5461Click image for larger version. 

Name:	__yatqa9f.png 
Views:	40082 
Size:	72.2 KB 
ID:	5465

    Ports on the screenshots were changed.

    Feature overview

    YaTQA supports all active ServerQuery features available. Passive features like receiving chat messages (not offline messages) are not included yet.

    • Quick connect and list of server bookmarks
    • Instance stats and settings
    • List and create virtual servers
    • Send a message of everyone on the instance
    • Change your login and display name
    • Server snapshots
    • Virtual server details, stats and settings
    • List, delete and add bans
    • List and delete complaints
    • Channel/user tree
    • Move, kick and ban users (even more than one at the same time)
    • Move and modify channels
    • Change client icons
    • List, upload/download, move (even to other channels) and delete files and even folder/file structures
    • List, delete, ban, search and (to some degree) edit database users
    • Full-featured permission editor
    • Revolutionary editable permission overview
    • Client channel groups
    • List, delete and use tokens
    • List, add and delete temp passwords
    • List and add log entries
    • Read and send offline messages
    • List running file transfers
    • List and correlate avatars
    • Manage icons
    • Copy icons you have seen to different servers or upload then again if you lost them
    • Copy permissions between instances

    Detailed feature list

    The program has 11 tabs of three categories: The first one is the general login tab. If you log in, the three instance tabs are shown. You can choose a virtual server on the second tab of these, which will show you seven tabs with the virtual server features.

    • Tab 0: Start
      • Login
      • Server bookmarks

    • Tab 1: Statistics
      • Instance info
      • Connection info
      • Version info
      • Some basic settings

    • Tab 2: Servers
      • Server list
      • Start/stop servers
      • Select a server to show the virtual server tabs
      • Rename servers
      • Create a server

    • Tab 3: Miscellaneous
      • Send a message to all clients on all virtual servers
      • Information on your identity
      • Change login name (=generate new password)
      • Snapshots
      • Permission reset

    • Tab 4: Statistics
      • Basic information
      • Basic settings (name, port, ...)
      • Connection info

    • Tab 5: Advanced
      • Virtual server configuration

    • Tab 6: Bans etc.
      • Bans
        • Ban list
        • Delete bans
        • Add bans

      • Complaints
        • Complaint list
        • Delete complaints
        • Ban people

    • Tab 7: Users
      • Channel and user list
      • Edit channels and users
      • Move channels and users (you can move multiple users at the same time)
      • View files
      • Move files (you can move files to a different channel as well)
      • Upload and download files (YaTQA also supports processing of folder structures)
      • Send messages

    • Tab 8: User DB
      • View user database
      • Delete user details
      • Ban user
      • Open this user in the permission tab
      • Find users
      • Edit description

    • Tab 9: Permissions
      • Permission editor like the official client's advanced permission view
      • Permission overview with direct editing
      • View a user's channel groups
      • Display created tokens

    • Tab 10: Miscellaneous
      • Log
        • View log
        • Add custom entries to log

      • Messages
        • Read offline messages
        • Write offline messsages
        • Send a message to all clients on the virtual server

      • Running File Transfers
        • View running file transfers

      • Avatars
        • Display a list of avatars that are stored on the server
        • View and download avatars
        • Display an avatar's owner

      • Icons
        • Display a list of icons on the server
        • Upload icons (if you upload the same icon with YaTQA and the official client, it will have the identical name)
        • Download icons on your computer
        • Replace icons while keeping the name (not recommended)

    Other notable features:

    • Almost all lists support multi-select. For example, you can select some servers (press Ctrl) and click stop to stop them all. While almost all lists support this, not every feature for working with the list does. For example, you can select more than one server and stop them all at once, but you can only edit one server at a time.
    • In the users tab, the tool supports drag and drop in many variations. Select multiple files and drop them on another channel to move them there. You can also create folders and move files to a different folder. If you want to move users, you can select any users from all over the server and move them to a certain channel with only one drag and drop action.
    • The tool supports WYSIWYG BBCode editing. Most features that are supported by TS are also supported here, but images and URLs are displayed as source code for easier editing. Feel free to paste content from applications like Microsoft Word into a BBcode text box. BBCode features supported by the WYSIWYG editor are: b, i, u, size={1-7}, color={#abc|#abcdef|1 of 657 possible names}, left, center, right


    Registration is required for some more servers than the NPL permits (though there is some threshold intended for offline servers that don’t count against the NPL). Registration is pay-what-you-want via PayPal. If you don't want to pay at all, tell me why. Keys are personalized, so always include your real name.
    If you are running an NPL or rented your server, you will most likely not have to act at all.


    The program is written in Delphi (that's the language that was used to create TS2). Since YaTQA makes a lot of use from Unicode, Delphi 2009 was used. YaTQA uses only the default Delphi and Indy components, everything else is written by me, except for a bugfix on uppercase Umlaut characters and the folder selection dialog function that I found on some forum.
    The program uses my own query engine (RedeemerTS3) based on Indy TCP. If you want it, contact me via PM. It currently has 186 functions (including defined overloads, excluding overloads by optional parameters) and is missing only the help command.
    The tool also uses my own WYSIWYG BBCode engine (BBCodeUtils). It supports displaying the tags b, i, u, color, size, left, center and right. img, url and hr tags are displayed as source code. You can also pm me if you want it.
    Most images in the tool are from, but I licensed them from Axialis for royalty-free use, so the author is not given credit in the tool itself.

    Source Code

    YaTQA is open source software. By default, the source code is under MS-RSL. If you want the source code, feel free to send me a message. Please include what you want to do with it and which version of Delphi you have. Additionally, include a statement that you will comply with the MS-RSL. For active development, you will be given another license.


    These FAQs are split in non-YaTQA and YaTQA-related issues. The YaTQA support thread you’re reading right now and the free YaTQA support are meant to be used solely for YaTQA-related issues, which is defined as follows:

    • Server error code 256 as well as code 1024 to 1791 (=bugs)
    • Network errors (code 10000 an up, except for 10061), but don’t expect there’s much I can do to help you
    • Bugs, suggestions, feedback in general, questions on how to do certain things with YaTQA

    So what’s a bug? Stuff that doesn't happen with telnet/PuTTY or which is obviously not meant to do what it does (e.g. you click a button but nothing happens).
    Everything else belongs to the TeamSpeak Technical Support forums.

    General (non-YaTQA) Query Issues
    These don’t have anything to do specifically with YaTQA, but many users asked these in the past.

    How do I get my query credentials?
    If you are hosting the server yourself: Credentials are displayed when starting the server with no database (e.g. for the first time). If you didn’t write them down, you can find several ways of resetting your credentials here.
    If you rented the server: Use the “Server Query Login” feature in your TS3 client. This feature is usually available to all Server Admins, but can be disabled. This results in a limited account (especially instance features will not work) and is not officially supported by YaTQA. It is recommended that you use at least YaTQA 2.0-pre for limited accounts.

    I get disconnected and can’t connect for some time because I'm banned (error 3329)!
    The program sends a query when you switch to most tabs to fill it with information. This might be too much, depending on your configuration. Please change “Befehle bis Flood” (DE) / “Commands to flood“ (EN) to around 20. You’ll find it right after connecting. Newer versions will prompt you to change this if you have the permissions for instanceinfo. If you don't and the admin of the server doesn't use YaTQA, too, you might get banned sometimes. Please wait a little between switching tabs. I'm generally afraid TeamSpeak doesn't make a difference on who is using query. Admins and guests have the same Commands to Flood.
    Note for downloading all icons: If you have a lot of uncached icons (>20), increase the Commands to Flood to a generous amount for that time. You might want to reset it afterwards. Please use YaTQA 2.0-pre or newer, so this only has to be done once or after you added a bunch of icons YaTQA doesn't know yet.

    Why does it say “Connection refused” (Socket Error #10061) all the time?
    There might be a reason why the input box says “Query Port” rather than “Voice Port”. Please find out why yourself.
    If you rented your server somewhere, contact their support or read their forums to get to know the query port for your server.

    Why does it say “version lookup failed” or missing permissions?
    YaTQA is made to be Admin Server Query, the group of the default “serveradmin” account. If you broke your permissions, removed yourself from important groups, got hacked or simply run YaTQA with limited permissions, you will be shown error messages like these.
    Logging in as a user with limited permissions (e.g. a virtual server’s Server Admin) is not officially supported and breaking your permission system is not advised.
    If you get a permission error instantly after logging in, b_serverquery_login permission must be granted to Guest Server Query in order to log in. This is usually the case and can be hard to fix.
    If you are encounterin errors like these as “serveradmin” user, you will most likely have to start from scratch again.
    Don’t ask me anything about this, as it has nothing to do with YaTQA.

    I can't create new servers!
    Please make sure you obtained and installed a non-profit or some other kind of license.

    Why can’t I set certain permissions even if I have b_permission_modify_power_ignore?
    Because that permission doesn’t work thanks to the buggy TS3 server software. You can find a detailed list of permissions affected by this bug on my website (in German).
    As this is getting on my nerves, too, I'’m providing this workaround. It is unsupported. Don’t ask anyone about it and use it at your own risk:
    Copy your Admin Server Query group a new non-query non-template server group with a certain i_group_auto_update_type (for security reasons, the value must not be divisible by 5). Add your normal voice account to that group and assign the needed permissions via the Automatic Groups feature in YaTQA. Now use your voice client to assign these permissions to the Admin Server Query group.

    Questions about YaTQA

    Does YaTQA work with Wine?
    It does, but it has memory leaks, because Wine does not support removing link labels from memory. Wine support was initially added in and finished in
    Memory leaks cause that if you switch servers very often without closing the tool in the meanwhile, it will will need more and more memory. If you don't do that, it's alright.
    Starting with version, YaTQA uses another control class to display the buttons in the permissions tab. This turned out to be not supported by Wine. You can download that last version with the old buttons ( here.
    In 2.0-pre, Wine support has improved again by adding some abbreviations to the buttons if in Wine mode. However, the top bar has slight glitches. You decide which one you like.
    The top and side bar glitches might go away in 2.0-pre2 and improve a little further in 2.0-pre3.

    Can I run YaTQA directly on my Windows Server?
    Multiple people have reported that YaTQA does not run on Windows Server 2008 (both, normal and R2) operating systems, at least it’s unable to connect to localhost. I have no idea why this happens. More recently however, there have been reports of people who were actually able to run YaTQA on Windows Server 2012.

    What file format does YaTQA (version 1.4 or newer) use for caching icons?
    16-bit RES. If you want, you can open the file with Visual Studio. Don’t save it, as it will convert the file to 32-bit RES.

    What programming language is YaTQA written in?
    Delphi 2009. There were some versions made with Delphi XE2.

    How many people made this tool?
    Just me. Plus some translators.
    The DNS resolver rework in 2.0-pre2 has been developed with help from Rustik-Team and Barungar.

    What does “XE2 build” or “2k9 build” mean in the installer?
    That’s the Delphi compiler version. There have been some XE2 builds because 2k9 builds had some false-positive virus warnings. I was reported that there have been problems with XE2 builds on Asian locales, so we switched back to 2k9 when anti-virus manufacturers fixed their false-positives. 2k9 builds are somewhat smaller. Some controls behave slightly different in XE2 builds, for example most lists don’t have this ugly dotted focus rectangle after performing several actions on them. Anyway, functional perfection is worth more to me than visual perfection, if I have to decide for one.

    How does one pronounce YaTQA?
    It's pronounced [jatka] in IPA notation. This notation is also suitable for German speakers.

    My antivirus does not like YaTQA. Why?
    YaTQA is made with Delphi. It is a popular programming language because the applications made with it run on every Windows computer without any requirements. Thus, all Delphi applications include some common code required to run on all the Windows computers. Creators of bad malware detection software might have taken way too common parts of the code to identify some viruses made in Delphi.
    In June 2012, only Kasperky started to find different viruses (of a class of more than 100,000) in all versions of YaTQA, even in the old 1.0.x versions from 2011, which does not seem too serious to me.
    Several programs detected a virus in Version 1.2.x, but stopped detecting Version 1.3.x, most likely because 1.2.x had only a very basic file transfer engine which got more sophisticated in 1.3.x.

    Can I download development snapshots?
    Yes, you can download a German development snapshot here. I can't take any responsibility for that, just like I can't for any other version. Since the translation is created when a new version is ready, you cannot download an English development version.

    Is there a 64-bit version?
    Why would you need one? The 32-bit one runs pretty much anywhere.
    I tried to make a 64-bit one, but I did not get it to connect to a server, so no, there is no 64-bit version right now and I don’t plan to make one.

    How can I support you?
    You can make suggestions, spread the word, translate the tool (see below), send me a nice postcard (see my domain’s whois) or donate money (see About dialog).

    Is there a version in language X?
    There will be some in version 2.0 final.
    You can also make one yourself. Feel free to contact me by PM or e-mail and include your Google Docs account.

    FAQs related to older versions
    Please download the most recent version. Now!

    I removed “serveradmin” from “Admin Server Query”. What can I do?
    Starting with YaTQA 2.0-pre, this feature is initially locked. Please do not use outdated versions of YaTQA and don’t unlock this feature unless you are willing to destroy your server for whatever reason you might have for that.
    As many YaTQA users remove theirselves from Admin Server Query for some unknown reason, I’m providing the following instruction, but use it on your own risk:
    First, you have to download the SQLiteBrowser. After that, stop your server and download your ts3server.sqlite. Open it in SQLiteBrowser, go to the rightmost tab and execute the following:
    insert into group_server_to_client (group_id, server_id, id1, id2) values (2, 0, 1, 0);
    Save and upload your ts3server.sqlite and start your server again.

    That's it. I hope you like it. I'm looking forward to your comments.
    Last edited by numma_cway; 15-03-2014 at 15:27.

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    I love this tool!, very good interface, please translate it in English A.S.P. You can contact me if you need any help with the translation

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    Kirchlinteln, NDS, Germany
    I evaluated the work that needs to be done to translate the tool. It's not that much, so you can expect an English version this month, when the user/channel feature is added. I also want to add a token list.
    After that, the tool will be either 0.3 beta or 1.0 final, which depends on how much I think has to be added to make it exactly what I wanted it to be.

    I just released v0.2 alpha (but forgot to update the version number, so it's still displayed as 0.1).
    • All permission features are now available.
    • All images were moved to resource files, which reduced the size of the application by 70 KiB. Anyway, due to the massive addition of functionallity, it got 30 KiB bigger.
    • Changed the icon of “deploy running“ to be more emanticipated.
    • The titlebar now shows the selected instance and virtual server, but in a shorter form than the while areas on the top.
    • The Query Engine was extended in many ways, yet it's not complete.
    • You can create tokens now.
    • I added a list of a client's groups in the channels of a server. This feature is currently read-only. But you can rename channels there.
    • Changed the Unescape function to a new one, since the previous could - in some rare cases - use an escaped backslash to unescape the character after it.
    • The input window did not accept negative numbers when in numbers only mode and did not check the input when in float mode. Additionally, there was a problem with the format of floats, which was set to your local format, but in the previous version, it had to be in English, when you wanted to change it. You now have to enter floats in your local format.
    • You can't edit the permission names and thereby break the edit feature for a short time feature.

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    Pretty tool, please translate it to English ASAP. Im a spanish customer, if you need help to translate to spanish let me know i will help you !!!

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    Version 1.0.0 rc1 is out now.
    It took a while since the last version, that's because I decided to skip the beta phase entirely and head over directly to the release candidate, which has all the intended features (though I might add a snapshot feature).

    Now, I'll start translating the tool into English. After that, we can talk about other languages.

    Changes made in this release:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from editing guest groups
    • Added a token list
    • Completed the underlying RedeemerTS3 query engine
    • Fixed a bug that showed an error message when doubleclicking in an empty area of the premission list
    • Added prefixes to the group lists
    • Icon IDs must be in Integer range when editing permissions and working with client info (DWord is not allowed). When working with server information, the IDs are retrieved as Integers, but must be set as DWord. The numbers displayed in the icon upload dialog's hints are always DWords, so YaTQA also displays them as DWords.
    • You can no longer doubleclick a permission's name (instead of the last columns which are supposed to be doubleclicked in order to change them), which did not cause a change, but send stuff to the server.
    • Added kick features to the complain list
    • Expanded and improved hint texts all over the application
    • Made several improvements to the permission editor (e.g. added default buttons, so you can use Enter)
    • Groups can now be added, removed, copied and renamed
    • You can now log out by trying to change the account to one with no name or password. This already worked before, but lead to an error.
    • Changed the editor for multi-line settings like the welcome message to one that supports multi-line text
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the client channel group list from displaying memberships in the last group
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from properly giving channel group permissions
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the two permission filter features from being available while editing Channel Groups
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the application from unescaping the last character of a string
    • Fixed a bug that caused the application to also use the month file traffic stats for the total traffic stats (instead of the real total stats)
    • Fixed an interface flaw resulting from that
    • Fixed a bug that caused a name inconsistency after editing channel names in the client channel group overview
    • Added a running file transfer list
    • Added a server view with user and channel details
    • Added a channel file list, which can be found in the server view (“Users” tab)
    • The server view heavily features multiselect and drag'n'drop, e.g. you can drag some files and directories from a channel's file list and drop it on another channel to move it there
    • Displayed permissions are now consistent, even when using the filter features
    • Fixed a channel view indent bug that also affected the client channel group list

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    crashes after entering login credentials.
    Aufgrund eines Problems kann dieses Programm nicht mehr mit Windows kommunizieren.

    Problemereignisname: AppHangB1
    Anwendungsname: yatqa.exe
    Anwendungszeitstempel: 4e30b076
    Absturzsignatur: e57c
    Absturztyp: 0
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6002.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 1: a5e9669e1117d33c57f62f1a5e9cc250
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 2: 53ba
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 3: 09a1004a2cb56ca9cfa8813022ba766f
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 4: e57c
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 5: a5e9669e1117d33c57f62f1a5e9cc250
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 6: 53ba
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 7: 09a1004a2cb56ca9cfa8813022ba766f
    running on windows server 2008 powered by strato(its a vps)
    I already added 2 servers with another admin tool some time ago. could this be the issue?

    Edit: FIXED. the issue was clearly sitting in front of the computer. I falsely ran the tool on the server itself.
    thanks a lot to the author numma_cway for assisting me.
    works like a charm. highly recommended!
    Last edited by yas437; 01-08-2011 at 20:08. Reason: fixed.

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    Kirchlinteln, NDS, Germany
    While helping yas437 and while normally working with the tool, I found some bugs and fixed them. The version is now 1.0.0 rc1b. Following changes were made:

    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from copying groups over existing ones.
    • Fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect codec bitrate at 620 and 640 ms latency.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the titlebar from displaying the actual server adress.

    Additionally, I updated the opening post of this thread.

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    I tested the tool on my local server and although I don't know German .. but I can tell this is the finest tool available on the library so far. I hope the English version come out soon, because I can't wait

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    Baghdad, Iraq
    ENGLISH please its nice tool but idk German

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    Kirchlinteln, NDS, Germany
    Final version is out now. Still in German only, but now I've got enough time to start translating. It brings you a bookmark manager for your servers and the ability to create and deploy snapshots (I did not test that a lot) among a huge number of bug fixes.

    Here's the complete changelog:

    • Updated the permissions SIDs to server version 3.0.0
    • Fixed the BBCodeUtils to reset formatting (but it seems like it was not necessary to do that)
    • Added scroll bars to RichEdit boxes
    • Added ability to create and deploy snapshots, as well as reset the permission groups
    • Changed the Flag of Libya (LY) from the Flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to the Flag of the National Transitional Council
    • Fixed a bug that raised an error when editing existing BBCode texts
    • Removed the Flag of the United Kingdom (UK), because GeoIP returns Great Britain (GB) instead (the flag was already included before, but twice)
    • Removed the Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (CS), because the state does no longer exist and is not a possible result of GeoIP
    • Added the missing flags for the following possible results of GeoIP: Anonymous Proxy (A1), Satellite Provider (A2), Asia/Pacific Region (AP), Antarctica (AQ), Saint Barthelemy (BL), Europe (EU), Metropolitan France (FX), Guernsey (GG), Isle of Man (IM), Jersey (JE), Saint Martin (MF), Other (O1).
    • Fixed a bug in the BBCode decoder caused by strange behavior of the Windows Rich Edit control (it removes the text formating, but only some of them and only in some rare cases)
    • Fixed a bug related to virtual server quota
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Vista icon from displaying correctly, because it was declared a 21060-bit icon
    • Added more binary prefixes to keep numbers shorter
    • Consilidated the code that is used to display values
    • Linked the small icon in the bottom right to my homepage
    • Cleaned up code
    • Added string display limits
    • Changed the name the channel save mode property, because it was saying exactly the opposite of what it was wanted to
    • Fixed a bug that broke the chat feature in the user tab
    • Fixed a bug that prevented ampersands from displaying correctly
    • Fixed a bug that lead to errors when using some characters, e.g. the Eszett ligature
    • Fixed a spelling mistake in the client details
    • Fixed a small display flaw in the channel details
    • Changed the localtion of yatqa.ini from the application's directory to %APPDATA%\YaTQA
    • Fixed the text limits for the top bar (in the first concept, there were four buttons in the second button group, but it soon got decreased to the today's three)
    • Improved some texts
    • Added the logo to the start screen
    • Added a bookmark manager
    • The stuff stored in yatqa.ini is now encoded. I merely did not do that to prevent data theft but because Delphi doesn't allow me to store Unicode in INIs.

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    Baghdad, Iraq
    wow all these fixes and features .. cant wait for the English translation .. please hurry xD

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    Kirchlinteln, NDS, Germany
    It's done since 24 hours. Just needs to be reviewed by the mods.

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    Baghdad, Iraq
    great job man really great job thank you for your time

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    Krün / Germany
    just tested this and i can only say GREAT JOB mate!

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    United States
    Your tool is amazing! It Pretty much saved my server when I had to do backups.

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