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    People can't connect to my server

    My problem is that most of time, people can't connect to my server.
    Just one of my friends is able to connect everytime.

    I already readed all threads but didn't find something that could help me.

    Can someone help me with this problem???

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    I think it's due to the car of your neighbor

    Seriously, how do you think we can help you without informations :
    - Where is the server ?
    - Do you read this thread :
    - What error message your friends get ?
    - They use your IP or a domain name to connect on your server ?

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    Aug 2011
    Hi florian_f40

    Thanks for your reply.

    - The server is running on my MacBook Pro.

    - I readed that thread. The port forwarding is correct. As i said, one of my friends is able to connect everytime, but just one friend. The others can't connect or just sometimes.

    - The error message is: Failed connect to server.

    - They try to connect with my externeal IP (that i got from ), and also tryed with a no-ip dns that i created.

    I'm a newby to this. I searched everywhere to try to find a solution, re-installed 3 times but still the same.

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    Hello i have exactly the same problem but i can't myself connect to my own ts serve :S

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    Could it be, that their ping or packetloss is to high?
    Please don't send me private messages with support questions as long I or someone else from Teamspeak Staff asked for it.
    Seriously > They belong into the forum and maybe other users have these questions/problems too.

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    I have exacly this eror im my server ts anybody cant help us ???

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