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    Why won't the TeamSpeak 3 app work on my custom Android OS?

    Custom Android OS versions (anything not shipped by the device manufacturer) are not officially supported by TeamSpeak 3. This includes "MIUI", "Cyanogen Mod", and any other custom rom/OS. If the app works with your custom image, fantastic. If not, please flash back to the last official OS provided by your device manufacturer and test it with that OS before posting a bug report.

    There are simply too many combinations of custom images and hardware for us to possibly support them. Plus many "custom" images actually break fundamental OS functionality. We understand that the desire to run specialized Android OS builds can be strong in the community, and we wish those adventurous users the best of luck, but as developers we are unable to officially support the app on those OS builds or ROMs.

    If the app should work properly on the factory device OS but not on the custom image, we suggest informing the maintainer of the custom OS, as the issue is more likely to be related to their development choices than to ours.

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    The Problem with Android is that more people use a Custom ROM as a official Version. Most Common ROM is from Cyanogen MOD.
    Also Android MIUI OS is growing up very fast and will have more consumers in the future as a Android Sense OS. Skype also works on all Devices and all Custom ROM Versions.. why not Teamspeak3 ??

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    Thank you for your feedback. We understand your concerns. The best I can tell you is that we are well aware of these issues and will consider the possibilities in the future.

    NOTE: It was my intent to lock this thread after my initial post, as this topic was meant to provide at least basic information to these sorts of common questions we have received since the release of the Android app.

    This thread is now closed.

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    .apk download

    I hate to be a pain, but me and probably lots of other users have this issue that their smartphones don't use the "original" android, but a different version modified by the producers. That means you also have THEIR app store instead of the android store. Is there any way that I could get the .apk file to install it manually on my device and give it to 3 other friends who have the same issue?

    Thanks for your time

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