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    The answer was already no! ....
    Please read it carefully and do not send me the same message in a private message!!!!!!!!!!
    Please don't send me private messages with support questions as long I or someone else from Teamspeak Staff asked for it.
    Seriously > They belong into the forum and maybe other users have these questions/problems too.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread? || Report and upload your Crashdump here
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    Teamspeak 3 for Nokia Handys ( Symbian )

    Heyho Guys, sorry for my bad english but im German.

    I´ve got 1 question. Is Teamspeak 3 for Nokia(Symbian) existing or can sbd programming it? Im ready to pay to 7 € for Teamspeak 3 for Symbian.

    *** German part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english only


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    Version for Symbian^1 and ^3

    Can make a TeamSpeak App for Symbian (Symbian has Qt)

    Android and iPhone is good

    I have a Symbian and need TeamSpeak on my Phone

    sorry for bad english

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    I want a Teamspeak Client for my Symbian too!

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    Satio U1

    i own a Satio U1 from sony ericcson. it's a symbian phone.
    i wanted to know which TS3 client is possible to work on it, if possible.


    awaiting your reply

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    BB Support

    BlackBerry version for both OS6 and Tablet would rock. With the BB phone/tablet Bridge this would be great for those of us who travel for work and use the BB exclusively for many business reasons.

    If you have to charge me a few bucks I'm good with that.

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    Client for Windows Phone 7

    Are u going to make client for WP7? We really want it

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    TeamSpeak App !


    I would like very much to know when a version of TeamSpeak and appear BADA-OS 2.0

    Currently using Samsung Wave II with BADA 2.0
    I want to ask is how long before TeamSpeak for BADA 2.0 and if you appear?


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    Question Having TS3 on Windows phone?

    Are you planning on having TS on WP7? would love to have this on my Nokia Lumia 900!
    have you thought about doing this for WP? I think it would be awesome to have Ts on these 3 Platforms.


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    You can make the Symbian, Blackberry and JAVA version of this app....


    In the TS3 Final you guys have released the iOS and Android apps of the TeamSpeak......

    But I think that you can make a symbian TeamSpeak Client app for the Nokia mobile users which can contain almost all the features like the iOS and Android app.....

    A JAVA application of the TeamSpeak is also a good choice.....
    But as far as I know that JAVA will not support all the features of TeamSpeak Client......But with the features that can be implemented you guys should make a JAVA application of TeamSpeak client for JAVA mobile users....

    A blackberry application of TeamSpeak Client will also make the blackberry users happy......

    Please use our search function :-( all your threads are double requests.

    So I think that you guys will look at my suggestion and make three new apps for Symbian, JAVA and Blackberry Mobile OS supported....

    This will satisfy the Nokia and Blackberry mobile users....

    And a most important thing is that you guys should make the iPhone TeamSpeak Client application free to download and install like the Windows,Linux and MAC OSX version of TeamSpeak client.....This will even more increase the use of the iOS version of client......

    Thanks in advance..........
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    Windows Phone Mobile Application

    Hi all,
    first of all, i am new to this community

    Now .. I was wondering why a windows phone teamspeak application was never developed.
    Is it ever going to be developed in the future ?

    Basically i know the windows phone platform is not as large as the IOS or Android platforms but i know its growing fast.

    Thanks for your responces.

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    Blackberry TS

    I dont know where to post this... But will there be a version available for Blackberry anytime soon?

    Hope so..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
    Disclaimer first: I know very little about WP7 architecture. So anything below may be corrected.

    As far as I understand it, WP7 is completely based on .Net and has no support for native C/C++ code. I mean real native here, not just managed C++ code.
    Both the iOS and Android version make use of the existing native TeamSpeak C/C++ clientlib, so there is a lot of common code base for all platforms (including desktop). A complete rewrite of the TeamSpeak code only for one platform is absolutely no option.

    WP7 is still a quite young architecture. We currently have no specific plans for WP7, but are keeping an eye on how it will develop in the future, both technical and popularity wise.
    I just registered to answer for this.
    You don't have to rewrite the whole TeamSpeak library. You can import unmanaged dlls into a .net app.
    It's described here: Using Unmanaged C Libraries DLLs in .NET Applicatiom
    You just have to write the managed C++ or C# code what uses it. That's all.
    I didn't develop any app for wp7 yet but I'm developing .net applications in C#.
    If you learn the .net you will know the wp7 architecture. Developing an app for wp7 is almost the same as developing a .net console application with some differences.


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    I would also like the portability of the TS3 Phone for Windows 7.5

    The system is still in the minority market, but will soon have a good portfolio of users, and would greatly help!

    Sorry by my bad english. :P

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    Thumbs up suggestion

    Hello greetings brethren, was to ask you a question because they do not get TS3 client, for BlackBerry devices, as it is a larger device and own most of the people, thanks for your reply ..
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