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    [Request] Auto Away after x Minutes

    I can't even begin to understand how to create a plugin, how to write it, or understand the code language. So that's why I'm asking if someone could be kind enough to write one for me.

    I would like a plugin that does an automatic away. My idea is that the user gets to set how long in minutes or even seconds that they have been idle and it will be set them as away or mute their mic or mute everything. But then have it trigger to undo that when they either press their normal press-to-talk button or it just stays that way but they can of course a different hotkey to undo whatever the setting is.

    If there is already a plugin that does all of this I didn't find it, admittedly I didn't look through the all of the post only did a search. If there is already a way to do this in TS3 then I have yet to find it and I've been through the settings several times.

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    What about users who use voice activation, instead of push-to-talk? Surely that should be captured, too?

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    I know this is an old topic although if you have given up hope there is in fact a way to do this.

    Its called JTS3ServerMod. It is a great little "bot" that does multiple things. One is moves people into afk channel after a certain amount of time. While optional poking people before they are afk to warn them. Additionally it can give the away button in Teamspeak true functionality. When you click it, it will automatically move you to afk. unclick it, move you back to where you were previously.

    It has other great features although this seems to be what your looking for.

    If you do get this reply via e-mail you can PM me and i can assist with setting it up if you host your own server. I myself am licensed and do host clan, guild and community servers for free with this bot functionality.

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    I still can't believe this is not implemented in the client by the devs.

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    Is it that hard to write per client afk plugin or whatever?

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