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    Teamspeak 2 & Logitech USB Headset = Tin-Can Voices?

    Hey all,

    Hoping this forum is still active. After building a new PC and migrating Windows over to a new hard drive, I'm beginning to have problems with Teamspeak and my headset. My clan uses Teamspeak 2 so we are forced to connect using that. I didn't have any problems after the build (Friday), however starting last night I began to experience these issues:

    When opening TS, all audio becomes garbled, almost sounding like noises are coming from a tin can. After much troubleshooting, and having different successes doing different things (but wasn't able to fix the same way again), the best way I have discovered to fix this is to go into my headset properties and uncheck the "disable all enhancements", apply, then recheck that box and apply again. Audio works then.

    When this issue occurs, ALL audio will be garbled until I close teamspeak. No drivers have been changed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the USB device, but it uses Windows simple audio driver. I do have a Realtek motherboard however none of those drivers seem to be affected or causing the issue since my headset is USB.

    Any ideas?

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    Same problem here.

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