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    Exclamation = Scam

    Hi, just want to let everyone know the problem I have had with this server. I payed my first month of service with this site, everything smooth perfect, untill the second month I got charged on my card and then somehow I couldnt log into the TS server, I try to log into the Control Panel and password is wrong, I try to reset password and Username doesn't exist.

    The day after I try logging into the server and I end up in this random server where I hear people talking. The day after it just asks for a password wich is not mine and nothing happens. Back to the Control Panel and my account doesn't exist.

    I send many emails about my problem, even with the topic "Hacked" and they just sent in a "low" priority ticket with my problem, I try calling their number and its just some random number out of nowhere. And after sending countless emails with my ticket ID I never got an answer.

    Now I have to change my debit card so next month they stop charging me in case its on an automated payment. If it is, there is nowhere I can enter to change this.

    Looks like a very confident website, but never pay anything at

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    This forum is for a Technical support only.
    Sorry, same if you have a problem with this hoster, this is not the good place.

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