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    Solved Problem with license.dat

    Hi @all

    I have you received today a NON-profit License.

    Unfortunately, this does not, the file in the e-mail is completely empty, but has a size of 981b

    If I copy the file into the installation folder on Windows XP, I get the change of slots still getting an error message:

    <19:42:54> Connected to server: TeamSpeak] I [server
    <19:42:54> Welcome to TeamSpeak, check for latest information
    <19:43:10> max slot limit reached
    <19:50:54> max slot limit reached

    I m the Serveradmin, and canīt change the max slotīs of the server :-(

    The licensekey.dat file i copied in the root installation folder of Teamspeak Server on my windows xp netbook.

    Can someone hlp me pls ?

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    Sorry, you say that the licensekey.dat file, is empty ?
    Can you try to get your mail using webmail ?

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    Jan 2012
    Tryd by webmail...

    Now there are data in the licensekey.dat.

    I try it now anymore....

    Thx for your answer :-)

    Hope it will work now .......

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    However you'll need to wait about 2 or 3 hours.
    And don't forget open port 2008_TCP

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    working :-)

    thx for helping

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