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    i cant talk in ts3 (PTT doesn't work)

    I 've set my ptt, and it works when i use the test, but when i clsoe the setup wizard, my PTT doens't work anymore...

    i tried different PTT's, but nothing works, there's just nothing happening.

    i'm using windows 7, and i started as admin.

    any solutions?

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    Better verify that your connection has profiles assigned.
    If you use "Connections --> Connect"
    If you use "Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks"
    --> button 'More' and assign Capture profile, Playback profile, Hotkey profile and Sound Pack

    Are you using Push-to-Talk? --> Try this:
    Settings --> Options --> Capture --> Advanced options --> Deactivate "Voice Activation Detection while using P-t-T.


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