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    Galaxy Nexus issues regarding settings.

    Hello, so just got my Gnex and was going to play some BF3. All good so far. Until you get to the TS client. The settings label is gone. So all other stuff is there under the little menu (running stock ICS). I've read the help session that comes with the app, and it says that under settings you can set PTT or voice activation. Or is it located somewhere else?

    And for number two; when the screen lock kicks in, all the sound is muted, so have to run with the screen on all the time = sauce drainer. ANyone else out there that experiences the same kind of troubles?

    Good that I've kept my iphone until stuff gets in order.
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    You can reach the settings with the menu key (I don't know what the right button next to home does on your phone), while the main menu of the client is active.

    The client also does not mute anything here.

    This has been tested with "Galaxy Nexus S" and Android 4.0.3
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