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    Solved How do i assign a different i.p to my teamspeak server?

    Hi there Teamspeak Guru's

    i dont know if this is possible but on my box i have multiple and i would like the teamspeak software to use a specific one, how do i assign this? at the moment it only picks up the original i.p

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    For that you have to use th start parameter.
    Please read the documentation : TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt
    Part 6

    Also, you could find several info, examples, etc using the forum search function.

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    i saw these settings wasn't too sure on how implement them.. does that mean in theory. *i close teamspeak server*

    and start it from command prompt like

    ts3server_win32.exe -voice_ip ( -query_ip (

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    Quote Originally Posted by inetz View Post
    ts3server_win32.exe -voice_ip ( -query_ip (
    There is no "-" in the doc and in its example.

    So an example with a test server :
    ts3server_win32.exe voice_ip=x.x.x.x etc etc

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