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    ts3client_getChannelIDFromChannelNames() Question

    Can you please give more information on how this function works? Specifically, suppose I give a set of names for which a channel does not exist. Testing this function, the return value is ERROR_ok, but the channelID returned is 0. Is this the expected behavior? Can I use a channelID of 0 to indicate no channel exists? If so, I'd suggest you improve the documentation to reflect this.

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    This function is used to translate channel path strings into a channel ID.

    A channel path is the channel name including the parent channels if it is a subchannel:
    "Root level channel", "Root level Channel / Second level subchannel / Third level subchannel".

    The channelNameArray parameter would then contain each part of above string separated by "/" plus a terminating empty string ("").
    e.G. { "Root level channel", "Second level subchannel", "Third level subchannel", "" }

    If that channel exists, the clientlib will return the channel ID. If 0, the channel was not found.

    The usage of this feature in the TeamSpeak client is to restore the default channel stored as text in bookmarks.

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