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    Plugin that changes "user joined your channel"

    Hallo. Is there a plugin which changes text "user joined your channel" to "xxxx joined your channel"? I know there is an option that changes "user" to "buddy joined your channel".

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    If you are wanting the name to be said you need to use the "Default Text To Speech" sound pack or if you prefer to only have select item(s) use the user name you can make a copy of an existing sound pack you prefer and edit the settings.ini. Using user joined as an example: Change the setting CLIENT_MOVED_TO_CURRENT_CHANNEL_APPEARS to say("${clientname} joined your channel ${channelname} on ${servername}")

    Should look like this
    CLIENT_MOVED_TO_CURRENT_CHANNEL_APPEARS = say("${clientname} joined your channel ${channelname} on ${servername}")
    You can edit the text in the quotes to your liking. Also if you want to edit the new sound pack within TS you can change the readonly setting to 0.

    I like to use the phonetic name "You" on my bookmarks. LOL

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