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    iPhone app wont connect to server

    Can connect to server just fine with both home computers but cant connect with my iPhone. I have AT&T as a provider. Can't connect with full 3G service, home wifi, or public wifi. Have heard friends with their mobile devices in the TS server. Verified the server info from my PC bookmark. Here is the info from my iPhone app.

    Label Optional
    Server Port 3712
    Nickname my nickname
    Server Password ts server doesn't have one
    Identity Default

    I always get the error message "Could not resolve host name. Make sure you have a network connection." Again this is with 3G service or any wifi connection. Thanks for any help you have.

    Update... I can connect with the public server just fine. Tried to use sever port value 9987 on my guild room but that hasn't worked either. Any more ideas?

    And the response from customer support is.....the sound of crickets. Talked with guild members and found out they are using the droid app. Hopefully the new guild server will work with the app. Gave this pos app a glowing review in the app store. Thanks for nothing guys.
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    i have the same problem connecting to my server on my iphone.. i can connect just fine on the computer...

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    If you can connect fine to the public server that indicates that either you are putting in incorrect information or there is a problem between you and the server. Have you tried connecting by IP rather than domain name?

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