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    Solved [Already possible] Kalic's suggestions.

    Hello, let me first off by saying i am sorry if a post of this topic is already on these forums, i done a search, and found none, therefore i am posting this.

    My suggestion for the server/channel groups is as follows,
    1. Provide a way to order them, currently its by order of creation, but lets say i decide to make a new group 2 months down the road, and i dont want it at the bottom of the list, i see no way to move it to the spot i want it to go. Would be easier to manage if there was a way to edit as many times as need be, to what ever order the server admin(s) want.

    When you right click a persons name, then select "Set Server/Channel Group" you get the list of all groups created, they are ordered in the order they was created, lets say there in this order....

    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3

    Now, i would like it if the last group i created was move up, lets say switching Group 3, up to above Group 1, maybe the server admin(s) did not think of Group 3 till after created Groups 1/2. I understand with only 3 groups it would be easy to re-add them, but lets say the server has 10+/20+/ect... and all groups have a purpose, it would be easy to re-add them in the order you want them just by copy and paste, but it would be a time consuming method, if we had an arrow up/down in the server/channel creation page it would make things simple/easier.

    Now as i typed this, i remembered another thing, that kinda bothers me about teamspeak 3, and i would like to see changed.

    The other thing, is you can not create a channel, and disable all sound events, aka meaning the sounds of people connecting into the server/channel/ect... and make the channel a complete no talk/sound. This first got my favor back when i used ventrilo (yes, i useto use that, i am sure we all did at one time), now in there when you create a channel, you would be able to disable all sound events, meaning that channel, was a safe zone for all who wished to stay connected, but not be disturbed with people coming and going, uses for this room we found was when listing to music, watching movies, or doing homework/working/ect... If this was added to the teamspeak 3 server structure for channels, i am sure not only myself would take use, and enjoy this feature. Right now i have a channel we use for this, only bad thing is, each time people join/leave the channel everyone hears, and yes, i know you can disable sound in your options, but then you need to go back and turn it on again after leaving. This suggestion is more or less just making the teamspeak 3 server more easier, and more enjoyable to use.

    Other then the two suggestions, so far myself and the others that i use my server with enjoy and prefer teamspeak 3 over any of the voice clients out there, just looking to make it even better for ourselves, and others.

    Thanks for reading my suggestions, sorry if this was already suggested, or posted in the wrong area.

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    Your first suggestion is already possible. More information there :

    About the second, you could use a Hotkey to activate/deactivate the soundpask when you want.
    Settings > Options > Hotkeys > Add button > click on Show Advanced Option
    In server part, expand Sounds

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    Thank you soooo much!!!! You just helped me, and my fellow teamspeak 3 users out, i knew them hotkeys was there, but never really got into them, but now ill use it to enable/disable the sounds, its on my end, but ima show my users how to aswell.

    Thanks for the help with the groups too!.

    Sorry again for multi post, i searched, but i could not find one to help me.

    Thanks again,

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