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Thread: Text chat

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    Otter24 Guest

    Text chat

    I read several threads on this and here is my suggestion for this feature.

    An input line at the bottom of the window with a few button to the right like "channel" "server" "whisper" (would whisper to the highlighted person).

    Here is why we need this. We currently use Teamspeak to broadcast live gaming events via the internet, each commentator is logged into the game and one person has their PC going to a video capture device and Teamspeak is used for the audio. The video and audio are then encoded and streamed over the internet.

    When we are "on-air" we use the text chat, whisper or whisper to channel commander. But, it is very difficult for the commentators when they hear people in their ear "hey look over hear" when they are tyring to talk. We have pretty much stopped using the voice whispers and rely on the text chat, but it is pain. Right-click, send text to channel, type your message, CLICK Ok (enter key makes a new line)

    Hope something like this makes it into the next version.


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    A quick fix for your problem my be to run a parallel IRC chat.

    I am all for better text chats in TS but it would not have a high priority on my list.

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    Gui changes are in the final. Been discussed before so a lock for this thread.

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