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    Unhappy File transfer qouta exceeded?

    For some reason none of my members can download from the file browser but they can upload and look at the file browser but everytime one of my members thats not an admin on the teamspeak tries to download a file they get an error stating "<18:06:32>  Transfer "Monasteryminimap.jpg" reports: (file transfer client quota exceeded)" Can someone help fix this issue please?

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    If it's for only this user, check the i_ft_quota_md_download_per_client permission in his permissions (client permission).
    Also in his server/channel group.

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    TS is still does this, THIS is NO FIX!

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    It's a setting in either the Server / Channelgroup or the Total Server.

    Right CLick the Servername in the Channeltree -> Edit Virtual Server -> More -> Transfers. Report Value for Download Quota and Upload Quota. You probably have a rather small value in them and the Total Download has likely been exceeded. If so increase the Value and hit Apply.

    Can also be set in the Server & Channelgroups so check those aswell Permissions -> Select the Servergroup -> type quota in the Filter -> Report Value for i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client and i_ft_quota_mb_upload_per_client. Same as above most likely rather small and the individual Clients have downloaded more than they have been allowed to by permission.

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