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    Solved Can't create a virtualserver


    after adding a new virtual server like this:
    servercreate virtualserver_name=My\sSecond\sServer virtualserver_port=1337 virtualserver_maxclients=128

    changing its upload bandwidth like this doesnt work:
    login serveradmin fJDB3ib4
    use 2
    error id=0 msg=ok  (161 ms)
    error id=1033 msg=server\sis\snot\srunning(125 ms)
    Total: 286 ms
    cant even login to the second server?

    i have not yet used the token on the second server to get admin priviliges

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    Do you check your server log ?
    (in the "logs" folder - in the server folder)

    Please post it here.

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    Jul 2011
    ah, found the answer. your right looking at the logfile helps.

    the server i created was created on port 9999 and ts3 assigned it number 3.


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