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    LUA, any decent compilers that support using it with teamspeak?

    Does anyone have a good LUA editor to use with teamspeak while debugging?

    I'm staring myself blind on using the notepad for creating a LUA plugin. Whenever something's wrong, I have absolutely no idea what is actually causing the problem.

    Help appreciated, thanks.

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    Also, is there any decent way to find out the list of functions for the teamspeak plugin?

    I'm a bit spoiled with visual studio you see...
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    LUA is not a compiled language.
    You have just to create a files (you have an example in the lua_plugins folder) and add them in the lua_plugins folder (in a new folder).

    To have some information (like test) you could start the client console (editing the target of the desktop shortcut):
    D:\program .....  \ts3client_win64.exe -console
    ABout the list, you have all fonction in the ts3events.lua file (and many information in the other files)

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